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[16 Jun 2006|11:36am]

I really want to be able to keep in touch with my friends, so I'm creating a digital contacts/phonebook thingy.

If you could leave your:

Home phone
Cell phone
AIM name

I don't really do phones, but if anyone wants to give me their numbers so I can imput it, that would be awesome!

All comments on this entry are screened so only I will be able to see what you leave.

                    ~The Amberness~

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Warning: Tears Might Be Forthcoming [06 May 2006|07:15pm]

I made a video using a bunch of clips and pictures I've take over the past few months of the music wingers. If you're not in here, I'm sorry, it probably just means I don't have any pictures of you. The song is "Run" by Snow Patrol. It's a little long (just over 6.5 minutes), but you'll like it. Spread the word about this video!

Click here to watch.

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Way to go! [29 Jan 2006|06:31pm]

[ mood | happy ]

To all the kids that were in the Districts choirs, you guys did a FANTASTIC job!

I was there doing community service for the majority of the day.
I didn't end up staying for the band, but I heard you guys rehearsing, and it sounded fantastic.

Love you guys.


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WHEE!! [27 Jan 2006|06:20pm]

[ mood | content ]

This site is absolutly amazing! I love the pictures and how you set it up!!


Okie dokie guys, so the music wing cork boards are starting to get nasty. Yea or Nay for Wrapping paper to cover up the nastyness?

Rock on!

Love and hugs-

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Ice Skating... [23 Jan 2006|07:42pm]

Even though this community isn't as operational as I'd hope it would be, I still wish it would be and plan to act like it is!!!

So I know some of you heard me talking about this, but I was just wondering/hoping that everyone would like to do like a winger skater night one saturday... They trick it out, turn off the lights, play music (some of it even good, I promise), and have the disco balls going... and even though I am the suck, it would be fun to have our family do it... Plus it's a good way to get some activity into your schedule.

Maybe afterwards, we could all head over to Friendly's or something...

Don't worry about sucking, I went for the first time ever, so I, too, am the suck...

It would only cost you $8.00 for admission and tickets... It's a cheap date for us all..

I am so loopy right now, guys. From the meds my mom made me take.

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First Post... oh yea!! [21 Jan 2006|10:58pm]

So.... the photo shoot party? Yeah, um... February 4th is definitely the weekend of my sister's birthday, so I don't think I can do that anymore on that day... And then the week after that it's the Berklee festival. Pushed back another two weeks? So... Feb 18th. Everyone should be able to get that off from work and stuff... So yeah.

How about it?

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