Woody The Wonder Woman (x24hoursx) wrote in wingers_only,
Woody The Wonder Woman

Ice Skating...

Even though this community isn't as operational as I'd hope it would be, I still wish it would be and plan to act like it is!!!

So I know some of you heard me talking about this, but I was just wondering/hoping that everyone would like to do like a winger skater night one saturday... They trick it out, turn off the lights, play music (some of it even good, I promise), and have the disco balls going... and even though I am the suck, it would be fun to have our family do it... Plus it's a good way to get some activity into your schedule.

Maybe afterwards, we could all head over to Friendly's or something...

Don't worry about sucking, I went for the first time ever, so I, too, am the suck...

It would only cost you $8.00 for admission and tickets... It's a cheap date for us all..

I am so loopy right now, guys. From the meds my mom made me take.
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